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Quality Towbar Fitting, Bespoke to your Vehicle

Here at Broadland Towbar & Trailer Centre we only fit premium quality towbars and we are fully trained to offer and advise the best form of wiring depending on your requirements. We can fit towbars on all vehicle types, including all electric and hybrid, so you can rest assured that you’re in good hands with our fully qualified team.

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Detachable Towbar

The detachable towbar can be mounted and removed in less than a minute giving you optimum flexibility while also being able to be locked on to prevent theft. It is more widely used if factory fitted reverse sensors are present or if number plates are designed low in the rear bumper so as not to obstruct when the vehicle is not towing.

fixed-flang towbar

Fixed Flanged Ball

The fixed flanged ball is a commonly used style of towbar within the UK. The Flanged Ball Towbar has a standard 50mm diameter bolt-on-ball which uses 16mm bolt fixings to attach to a flange plate. Some accessories require this type of towbar.


Fixed Swan Neck Bar

This style of towbar is rapidly growing in popularity in the UK as it is suitable for caravans without modifications, is aesthetically pleasing and a neat installation.


    Our team of technicians can always recommend the best towbar suitable for your vehicle and towing needs.


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    Towbar Fitting and electrics on all Vehicle Types

    As modern day vehicles become ever more complex it is vital to consider how your towbar electrics are installed. Until a few years ago towing electrics would have simply been connected to the rear lights of the car, but with more vehicles now being controlled by computer and complex wiring systems, towing electrics are no longer straight-forward.

    We at Broadland Towbar & Trailer Centre are fully trained to be able to offer you the best form of wiring to suit your requirements.

    Towbar electrics can be fitted with a universal relay system or an after-market dedicated specific kit. A universal relay system can work out to be cost effective and adequate for certain vehicles, depending upon vehicle specifications but with this option you are unable to access any of the manufacturers in-built software.

    The after-market dedicated specific wiring kit is designed to operate most systems in-built in the vehicle from new and work the systems as the manufacturer intended when towing. Re-coding of the car may be required when using a specific wiring kit which we can also carry out on most models. Reprogramming the ECU (electronic control unit) in your vehicle, will not only enable your trailer rear lights and indicators to work, but in most cases to temporarily disable your vehicles parking sensors and/or rear fog lights. The connection also allows any problems with the trailer indicators to be flagged up on the vehicle dashboard display.